about me

My daily focus is on feeling enthusiastic and joyful about my life. I am positive, hopeful and uplift those around me. I believe that my life is generally and permanently really wonderful! And when I face difficult times I know they are temporary and specific!

I wasn’t always this optimistic though. Optimism is a practice that I have dedicated my life to studying and perfecting. My journey started because I have been in the lowest of lows, feeling pessimistic, fearful and desperate.

Born and raised in Toronto, I married right out of university and soon began raising a family that grew and grew and grew! I have four beautiful children, who I credit with saving my life. 

I had struggled, at times throughout my life, with deep sadness, intense uncertainty, and all-encompassing self-doubt. In 2010, while my 27-year relationship was ending, I truly sunk to the lowest point of my life. 

It was a very difficult and dark time but I felt compelled to make positive and lasting changes. With the help of a wonderful support system, I learned new tools to create a life filled with love, gratitude and optimism.

My strength and compassion for each of my clients comes from my deep understanding of how it feels to have lost hope. Without judgement, I gently guide my clients to investigate the pain and fear the changes they face are causing and lead them to see they too, can feel optimistic about moving forward.

I know with practice each of us is capable of creating new and wonderful journeys for ourselves.

Now I can help you clearly see your path toward a joyful and hope-filled life. Let’s navigate together towards a new OPTIMISTIC you!

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