Personal Transformation Packages

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Have you got a vision for yourself but are unsure if its even possible?

Do you feel disconnected from what you want to choose for yourself and what you are actually doing in your life?

I get it!

Maybe you are feeling stuck in old the stories that keep repeating in your head. Maybe your confidence feels shot after not seeing enough progress. Maybe you are finding change too difficult to navigate alone. I want to offer you the guidance you need to align how you think, feel and act with the most positive and fulfilling vision you can create for yourself.

Making the choice to begin coaching is a great first step in your process of changing the way you live. Your transformational journey is not only possible, it is beautiful. As you learn to trust your inner voice and act on your choices, you will feel increasingly optimistic, inspired, and joyful in your life.

As your coach, I will support you as you create the vision for the path you are courageously ready to take. We will unearth what has been holding you back, tap into your inner wisdom and create the framework for you to move forward with the choices you discover are best for you.

One-on-one coaching sessions are planned specifically for your unique needs and are developed as the sessions progress depending on what is personally required for your transformation. Practical learning tools, as well as setting goals, are introduced throughout the sessions to move you forward at your own pace. I will be there guiding you as you take each step along the way and am dedicated to supporting you completely throughout your journey.

Inspiration Package

1 Month 

This package is specifically designed to help you face a difficult or painful challenge currently going on in your life. We will focus on creating coping strategies and setting short term goals, as well as, introducing tools that will uplift you and bring you hope while you deal with your acute crisis.

  • 4 In-Person or Zoom video coaching sessions (each session is 1 ½ hours in length)
  • Ongoing email and text support throughout the 4 weeks

$650.00 + HST

Elevation Package

4 Months 

This package is designed to help you unearth and resolve the deeper causes of longstanding personal unease in areas of your life. We will focus on uncovering the negative patterns and blocks that are unconsciously present, replace those patterns with healthy tools and set long term goals for you to feel elevated, optimistic and joyful in your life.

  • 16 In-Person or Zoom video coaching sessions (each session is 1 ½ hours in length)
  • Ongoing email and text support throughout the 4 months
  • Personalized Journal

$2000.00 + HST (monthly installment payment plans available)

Rebirth Package

9 Months

This package is designed for you if you are ready to make powerful changes to the way you are currently living. You will not only unearth and resolve the deeper causes of longstanding personal unease in areas of your life, but also implement new tools and practices that will completely shift the way you are living.

This intensive Rebirth Package will push you to make big changes in your daily life that will lead to massive transformation and your best life. We will work together to set up your month by month accountability action plan and put in place specific markers to keep you on track for your success. You will have my constant support and expertise at your disposal.

  • 30 In-Person or Zoom video coaching sessions (each session is 1 ½ hours in length)
  • 9 monthly 30-minute personalized action planning phone calls
  • Ongoing email and text support throughout the 9 months
  • Monthly personalized action plan calendar
  • Daily accountability check-ins
  • Personalized Journal
  • Rebirth Workbook

$8000.00 + HST (monthly instalment payment plans available)

Laser Packages

1 Month 

These packages are for you if you are ready to focus deeply on unearthing specific areas that are currently halting you from making the changes that will help you move forward in your personal and/or professional growth.

We will assess where your strengths and weaknesses are and create powerful steps for you to take to understand yourself with great clarity, leading to positive and effective decision making and inspired actions.

Each Package includes:

• 4 In-person/Zoom video coaching sessions (each session is 1 hour in length)

• Ongoing email and text support throughout the 4 weeks

• Personalized Journal and homework package

Each Package is $500 + HST

Aligning with Your Core Values

This coaching package explores what personal values you hold and, once identified, how to apply them to make empowered decisions in your personal and professional life. Together, we will identify your top 5 values and create a clear sense of what those values mean to you. Next, we’ll assess how your values are aligned or lacking in the many areas of your life. Last, we will develop clear, simple and effective goals that support and match your core values creating clarity and insight in the choices you make on a daily basis.

Quieting Your Inner Critic

This coaching package creates conscious awareness of your inner critics and teaches you how to quiet them, so you can hear, trust and rely on your own inner power. The Inner Critic is the part of you that judges and demeans you, halts your ability to make decisions, lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel bad about yourself. This is one of the most difficult and tenacious issues that people face. After assessing which Inner Critics are most prevalent for you, we will identify the original sources of these limiting beliefs and uncover the ways they have kept you safe but small. Last you will learn how to recognize your Inner Critic voices and replace them with your authentic true voice.

Confidently Practicing Assertive Communication

This coaching package helps you to learn assertive communication techniques and behaviours that build self-confidence and provides many other benefits for improving your relationships in the many areas of your life. You will discover your current style of communication with the most important relationships you currently have, be assessed on your ability to be assertive in various situations, learn the techniques and practices of assertive communication and behaviour and create and implement plans to use these techniques in the relationships that need it most. 

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